5 Business Ideas to Start Without Money

Starting a business is exciting and can be very profitable. However, for many people the idea of starting a business seems too daunting because they do not have enough money to invest in it. This blog post will explore 5 different types of businesses that you can start with only an idea!

1) Create a blog about your favorite hobby

Creating a blog about my favorite hobby, fashion, seemed like a perfect opportunity to start a new business because it was possible for me to maintain the blog after work or on weekends. I also have access to all of the necessary materials that I would need in order to blog: a pc with internet connection and printer. The only major expense that I had was investing in a domain name. I then wrote an article about fashion trends during the 1990s and started adding pictures of what I was wearing. I shared the blog with friends and family who were interested in fashion as well and used social media sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram to promote it on these platforms too!

2) Start a podcast or YouTube channel

Starting a podcast or YouTube channel requires some upfront costs, but many people start with little to no money. With a laptop and an internet connection, it is possible to start recording your thoughts about a favorite book or television show without any equipment whatsoever! The more creative you get with the content of your podcast or YouTube video, the more popular it will become among others who are into the same things. This will also lead to new ideas on how to grow your business in terms of profits and audience retention.

3) Sell prints of your photography online

One of the easiest ways to get into photography and start a business is by selling prints of your favorite photographs online. This will save you a lot of time and money from having to invest in expensive prints when you first start out! Getting started with this type of business only requires an idea for your first photograph, a camera, an internet connection and a website hosting company like wordpress, blogger or tumblr.

4) Write articles for other websites on topics you’re an expert in

If you don’t have any money to start your business, the best thing you can do is find an expertise and take it for a spin. Blogging or article writing are popular ways of earning extra cash in today’s world because everyone needs content created for them on their website. If you’re a talented writer with skills that could be put to good use, this may be just what you need! For example, if I love cooking but know nothing about SEO (search engine optimization), I would write articles on how-to cook dishes from around the world while using SEO techniques so search engines will rank my page higher than those without these valuable tips. This way, people who want information like this will visit my site instead of others , and I’ll be able to earn the cash from advertising on my blog posts. The beauty of this is that you don’t even need any early startup costs because all it takes is your time and a computer with internet access! You can write for local businesses, big companies looking for content or other websites who may have something in common with what you’re writing about. This also has the potential to turn into long-term work if enough people read your articles and want more – which means larger paychecks down the road once the ball’s really rolling! ***

5) Offer to do freelance work for people who need help with specific projects (e.g., graphic design, writing)  –

This is a great option if you have expertise in an area that other people need help with. There are plenty of websites where you can advertise your freelance skills and offer to work for whoever needs assistance, like oDesk or Elance. If writing isn’t your thing but graphic design is, it’s possible to find clients on sites such as Dribbble (for designers) or Fiverr (where people sell their services—including everything from voice-overs to logo designs). All these platforms charge freelancers a small fee per project they complete ($20–$50 typically), so make sure you’re comfortable working within those constraints. For the most part, this type of job will allow you both freedom and independence while still earning money. The freelance world is huge and there are plenty of opportunities for you to offer your services within it, so if this sounds like an interesting option for you just do a little research on the best sites or post in forums to see which ones might be most appropriate given your skill set. There’s really no downside here; freelancers have complete control over their time, can work wherever they want (or from home), and get all the credit when something goes right without having to worry about toxic bosses or unfair expectations from coworkers.

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