Employee Perks Your Team Will Love

Employee perks are often overlooked, but they can be incredibly valuable. More employee engagement means more productive employees and a happier workplace environment. In this article, we’ll take a look at employee benefits that will make your team love you!

Employee Recognition

The importance of feeling appreciated goes beyond just the virtual office. In a study conducted in 2010, more than 700 participants were surveyed about their work-related happiness and found that being recognized at work had one of the biggest impacts on overall job satisfaction; it was even greater for those who are not given this acknowledgment every day or never receive any recognition from employers.

It’s also beneficial to have an opportunity to interact with other members outside of your team face-to-face which can help spark new ideas and build stronger relationships across teams since we’re all working towards achieving similar goals!

Personalized Bucket-List Experience

In today’s competitive environment, companies need to recognize the whole person of an employee in order for them to be successful. That is also becoming more and more important with retention rates on a rise as well. However what most employers fail to realize that there are certain things like personalized perks which will have a big impact not only on their employees but how they feel about themselves while at work too!

Employee Discounts and Rewards

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The best talent isn’t looking for a maxed-out paycheck anymore — they want to work at places that enable their lifestyle, which is why perks like the ones included in this article are more important than ever. In fact, an 80% study found that employees preferred benefits over pay raises because of these preferences.

Wellness Program

Employers know that the sedentary demands placed on workers often result in increased healthcare costs, low morale, and a less productive workforce. However many companies have found ways to fight this trend by implementing workplace wellness programs as an increasingly popular benefit offered by employers. Some of these are simple with one-time activities like biometric screenings or steps-based contests while others are full-blown initiatives aimed at shifting the culture and encouraging healthier behaviors.

Healthcare Insurance

For many Americans, the benefits of having employer-sponsored coverage are unmatched. For years there was no public healthcare option available to most people, so it’s easy enough to see why employer-sponsored insurance is still often seen as more desirable than any other firm out there. But that might be changing soon!

With lower costs and better quality care becoming standard features in private or government plans all over the country, some experts say this will only drive up demand for alternatives like these even further. So what does this mean? It means you don’t have one less thing to worry about when accepting a job offer; you can now feel secure knowing your future family will always receive affordable health services through their current provider long into the foreseeable future.

Vacation / Paid Time Off

Studies have shown that once our basic needs are met, experiences contribute to long-term happiness much more than material things. For these reasons many companies institute a policy of unlimited vacation time and “summer Fridays off.” While it may seem counterintuitive at first glance, studies show an open vacation policy can actually result in increased production from employees (due to the lowered stress levels) as well as improved company morale. You can contact Perth Bus and Coach for company transportation vehicles.