Get Inspired with These Stylish Home Office Background Decor

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Working from home definitely has its perks-no boss hovering over your shoulder, being able to take a break whenever you want, and of course, the comfort of being in your own space. But one downside to working from home is that it can be easy to get distracted. Especially if your home office isn’t very inspiring.

If you’re in need of some home office background decor inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Check out these stylish examples that will help you get motivated and focused on your work.

Home office background ideas

Go for a bold wallpaper:

A statement wallpaper is a great way to add some personality to your home office. It can also help to create a visual boundary between your work and leisure spaces. If you don’t want to commit to wallpaper, try using removable decals instead. The home office backdrop can include anything from a calming nature scene to a geometric pattern. Hanging a mural or tapestry on the wall behind your desk may bring in visual interest and make a tiny area feel larger.

Bring in some plants:

Not only do plants add a pop of color and life to a room, but they also have been proven to boost productivity and creativity. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants. For your dedicated home office, you could also try investing in a small herb garden. Not only will it look beautiful, but you’ll be able to add fresh ingredients to your lunchtime meals.

Incorporate interesting art:

assorted-color framed paintings on the wall

If you have a bare wall, why not use it as an opportunity to display some of your favorite art pieces? You could go for a gallery wall style arrangement or choose one large statement piece. If you don’t have any art of your own, try scouring flea markets or local thrift stores. If you’re stuck on what kind of art to choose, try looking for pieces that reflect your interests or hobbies.

Create a mood board:

One of the home office ideas is to create a vision board or mood board. If you’re someone who gets inspired by visual stimuli, then a mood board is a perfect addition to your home office background. Fill it with images, colors, and patterns that make you feel motivated and creative. You can also use it as a way to keep track of your current project ideas.

Hang some curtains:

Soft fabric curtains can help to absorb sound and create a feeling of privacy, even if you don’t have an actual door to your home office. They can also add a touch of luxury and make your space feel more refined. If you want something a little lighter, try using sheer curtains instead. The back wall of your home office is the perfect place to experiment with different curtain styles.

Install floating shelves:

Shelves are a great way to add storage to a small space. But if you don’t have a lot of floor space to spare, try installing some floating shelves instead. You could use them to store books, plants, or knick-knacks. Or, if you want to keep your desk clear, use them as a way to display some of your favorite office accessories.

Use functional furniture:

When it comes to furnishing your home office, it’s important to choose pieces that are both stylish and functional. A desk with built-in storage, for example, can help to keep your space clutter-free. And a comfortable desk chair will make spending long hours at your desk much more bearable. Have your personal space and everything you need to stay focused and comfortable by using furniture that serves multiple purposes.

Add a touch of glam:

Metallic accents, like a gold table lamp or silver picture frame, can add a touch of luxury to your space. If you want to go all out, try hanging a mirror on one of your walls- it’ll make the room look bigger and brighter. You can have an interior designer come and help you with this, or look for furniture yourself that has these accents.

Go for a minimalist look:

If you prefer a more simplistic aesthetic, try decorating your home office with neutral colors and clean lines. A white desk and chair set against a gray or beige wall will create a serene and calming atmosphere. This could be the best background for a video call so that you don’t have to worry about your surroundings being too distracting.

Bring the outside in:

If you’re lucky enough to have a home office with a view, make the most of it by incorporating nature-inspired elements into your decor. Hang up some botanical prints or display fresh flowers on your desk.

Create an accent wall:

If you want to add a pop of color to your home office, try painting one of the walls in a bold hue. This will help to create a visual focal point and make your space feel more dynamic. Add a stylish accent table, daybed, and floor lamp to complete the design.

Have the natural light come in:

If you’re working during the day, make sure to take advantage of the natural light coming in from your windows. Open up the curtains and let the sunshine in to help you stay alert and focused on your work. This will make your home space feel more open and airy, too.

Make it personal:

Your home office should be a reflection of your personal style. So don’t be afraid to incorporate some of your favorite design elements, like patterned wallpaper or a colorful rug. This will make the work space feel like your own and help you to feel more comfortable while you’re working.

Vinyl backdrops:

If you’ll be taking a lot of video calls from your home office, it’s important to have a backdrop that looks professional. But you don’t need to invest in a costly photography backdrop to get the job done. You can find plenty of affordable vinyl backdrops online that will look great on a video call. Just hang one up behind your desk, and you’re good to go.

Keep it clutter-free:

black office rolling chair beside brown wooden table

The key to a relaxing and productive home office is to keep it clean and organized. Make sure to put away any paperwork or office supplies that you’re not using. And consider investing in some storage solutions, like baskets or bins and storage boxes to help you stay organized. A tidy space will help you to feel calm and focused, so you can get your work done more efficiently.


Final thoughts on home office background decor

If you have your home office background decor set up in a way that feels good to you, it will help you to be more productive and motivated while you’re working. The perfect backdrop for your home office space should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Consider incorporating some of these design tips to create a work space that’s both stylish and functional.

Your personal life and your work life will balance each other out, and you’ll be able to enjoy your time in both spaces. Follow these tips to create a home office that’s both stylish and functional, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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