Office Relocation Guide: Tips to Help You Move Your Office to Melbourne

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving office to Melbourne for the first time or not, office relocation can be a stressful process. But with these office relocation tips, it will be easier than ever! We provide an office relocation guide that covers everything from what you need to know before deciding where to move your office, how much the costs are likely to be and what kind of timeframe is involved in order for your business’s needs.

Communicate with staff

The hardest part of relocating is managing staff expectations and experience. Staff may feel connected to their current office fear change. Every member of your business will have opinions on the move and how it should go but in order to manage these expectations, ensure a positive moving process for employees, keep lines open between them so they can ask questions or voice concerns about what changes need to be made during relocation (e.g., new space).

All in the planning

Moving your office can be a difficult process and you will need to carefully plan it out. It is important for all processes involved in the move, such as those related to leasing new space or relocating storage facilities that are used by employees when they come into work each day.

people sitting near table with laptop computer

You may have very strict deadlines set forth from leases expiring on certain days of the month which could cause problems with moving via a timeline deadline if not planned early enough so everyone knows what needs to happen; otherwise, productivity would end up being disrupted at an expensive cost for your business overall.

Keep connected with IT

With a little planning, your data can be relocated easily and without disruption to normal business operations. It’s important that you don’t simply disconnect the technology in one space and connect it somewhere else—you need to carefully map out how all of these systems work together so no errors are made moving them or connecting them again when they arrive at their new location.

In addition, servers represent an especially sensitive aspect of IT relocation because if anything goes wrong with this part of the move there is a risk for lossy corporate data as well as being put into the breach with laws protecting personal information like credit card numbers etc.

Schedule a site visit with IT at the new office location to review network cabling requirements,  internet service providers and possible Telstra outages if you are using Telstra

Check the area first

Check the area first before you move in with a walk-through before office relocation. Book a day tour with Melbourne Coach Company (

It may be just as important to check the area after office moving and make sure that all equipment has arrived safely, there aren’t any damages or repairs that need to be made on your new office space before you start using it.