Warehouse Office Design: Tips To Create A Stunning Space

Warehouse Office Design

Designing corporate offices in an old warehouse comes with a unique set of considerations, whether you are working on transforming the entire building or just carving out space for a company’s administrative staff. Today, we’ll look at some of the major considerations in warehouse office design.

Warehouse Office Design

Office Layout is Important

To maintain a productive work environment, it is important to have both private offices and communal spaces. This way, employees can pick which setting they want to work in depending on the task at hand.

As commercial real estate prices have increased, companies have increasingly been gutting old storage space and repurposing them as modern office spaces, storefronts, restaurants, homes, and more. A large number of these unused warehouses are being converted into apartments or offices.

Warehouses are usually large, open spaces that can be easily transformed into offices. Because they’re versatile, there are endless possibilities for how to layout the space. When renovating a warehouse, you essentially have a blank canvas to work with. You can design the interior however you want, based on the new function of the building, recycled materials and your own personal preferences. This makes it possible to create a modern, comfortable office space that fits your needs perfectly.

Your design for the space should take into account both the practical and aesthetic requirements of the job. For example, you could use one of the following design types.

Industrial and Creative

Although industrial warehouses are not known for their beauty, they can be designed to be both functional and visually appealing. For several years now, companies have been redesigning their office spaces to creativity stimulate innovation and collaboration among employees—which has been proven by latest research studies to make workers happier and more productive in the work environment.

Clean and Simple

Another example of warehouse office designs is simplicity and cleanliness. You’ll mostly see wood and metal materials. This type of space encompasses the idea of minimalism while still being efficient. The whole warehouse is designed with both space and storage in mind, as well as providing an appealing modern look to bring in clients and future employees.

A sparse, clean design with white walls and little to no decoration makes the space feel open and airy while still providing ample storage for all company needs.

Contemporary and Colorful

These office spaces are perfect for a collaborative working environment, as each team member can choose their own space within the warehouse and work together in a functional setting.

Warehouse and Industrial Office Design Trends

Cost-Effective Workplaces: You’ll want to be able to make any changes or redesigns affordably, but also ensure that the office is cost effective from then on. This will vary depending on the situation, which is why it’s crucial to have an expert help you design your office so it’s delivered within budget and on time.

Own Your Industrial Look: The industrial aesthetic is becoming more popular due to its modern, urban and trendy appearance. If your office looks like a warehouse, you may think it’s unattractive, but this design style is in vogue.

If your office space has any of these assets, it might be time to start showing them off, rather than hiding them away. Whether it’s exposed brickwork or industrial-style ceilings, you can proudly show off your unique industrial style and make it the centerpiece.

Acoustics: Any industrial warehouse manager knows that noise comes with the territory, however, there are consequences to a noisy workplace like exposure to higher levels of stress and decreased productivity. But acoustic design can help reduce office noise which would then lead to a better work environment. This may require more soft furnishings, soundproofing panels or ceiling baffles be installed, or partitions erected – all of which create

Zoning Up: In recent years, it has become trendy to create different zones for various purposes in offices. With the current pandemic, specifying areas for hot-desking, socialising, online conference calls, meetings and private calls is likely to become an even more significant part of workplace design–this way employees can maintain social distancing while still being able to be productive and boost morale.

Warehouse Office Design Bottom Line

Ultimately, the key to a successful warehouse office design is understanding both the practical and aesthetic requirements of the job. Whether you choose an industrial or creative style, incorporate colors and soft furnishings, or create different zones for various purposes, your office space should be functional, beautiful, and conducive to productivity. With expert guidance from professionals in workplace design, you can create a working environment that your employees and clients alike will love.

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