What Jobs Are in Demand in Perth?

Have you been wondering what careers are in demand in Perth? If so, then this blog post is a must-read. We have compiled a list of careers that are going to be the most successful and profitable for those who live in Perth. The careers we have chosen also happen to be some of the best jobs for people who enjoy working with their hands, as well as those who love being outdoors!

The careers in demand in Perth, Australia are:

A Carpenter, Plumber, an Electrician

If you’re interested in any of these careers, then check out our careers section for further information on how to get started with your career today! We also have some helpful tips and advice that could make the transition into one of these careers easier.


Engineering is a constantly changing field,d and is a popular choice for careers in Perth. Engineering jobs are one of the best careers to have as they do not require specific education, however, you will need to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship before working independently. Once completed these training courses can be used towards further study such as bachelor’s degrees at the university level.

Information Technology Specialist

These days, almost every industry relies on information technology (IT)) in some way or another. IT jobs are a great choice for careers in Perth because they have been known to pay very well, and the market is always expanding so there will always be room for advancement within an organization.

Nurse Practitioner

woman in white button up shirt and blue stethoscope

In recent years, nurses have become highly sought-after careers due to their extensive training which can lead to careers in Perth as a registered nurse, midwife, or nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners have been known to have the highest salary potential of all nurses because they are able to perform both diagnostics and prescribe medications with ease.


An audiologist is who you would go to for issues related to your hearin suchg as hearing loss and balance problems. They can also help with issues such as tinnitus, ear infections, allergies related to the ears and nose, and more! These careers in Perth are becoming increasingly popular for people who love helping others.


Teachers and vocational trainer careers are one of the careers in demand because they have a very positive impact on society. Teachers play an important role by shaping young minds, providing guidance to their students which gives them the opportunity for more opportunities later on in life.

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer is someone who works with machines and their purpose is to improve how these items function. This careers in Perth is a very rewarding one because you can help someone fix their car, or come up with ways to improve the driving experience!

Construction Laborer

If you’re not sure what careers are in demand but know that being outdoors and having your hands involved would be a dream job for you then construction laborer careers in Perth are for you. Laborers have to be very physically strong as they are constantly lifting heavy objects that could weigh up to 100 kg or more!

Customer Service Representative

If you’re an outgoing person who loves talking with people then careers in Perth as a customer service representative might just be your calling. Customer service representatives work directly with the public to help solve any problems they are having with a company or service.

Sales Manager

If you’re great at networking, have an outgoing personality, and love making money then careers in Perth as a sales manager might be for you! Sales managers work directly with clients to make sure their needs are met while also creating new opportunities to further business growth.

Hospitality careers in Perth

If you’re someone who loves working with food and interacting with people then a career in Perth as a hospitality professional could be perfect for you! Hospitality professionals work directly with guests to make sure their needs are met while also providing the best possible experience. They must have excellent communication skills because they interact with a variety of people on a daily basis.

These are just some careers in demand in Perth, but there are many more careers available for those who live here! If you have any questions about careers or apprenticeships then make time to visit this place to see for yourself. Travel agencies like https://perthbuscompany.com.au/ can help you with your visit.